Digital Assets Fund

Through investment proposals from club members we aim to invest in the most transformative L1, L2, and L3 protocols of the crypto asset class. Additionally, we seek investment opportunities in alternative uses of blockchain technology.

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Asset Management: Objectives

Through robust digital asset management practices, we aim to streamline the handling of funds provided by DormDAO, ensuring transparent and efficient governance. Our objective is to drive interest among potential new members by showcasing our commitment to sound financial management and fostering a community built on trust and innovation.

*Funds provided by DormDAO

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Efficient governance mechanisms are a critical role of distributed networks and organizations. We intend to embrace distributed governance mechanisms as our club grows to maturity. The direction and decisions of the digital asset fund will be determined by consensus among approved club members. Consensus will be used to govern the fund in terms of framework, allocation, and exposure. Additionally, Blockchain at UVA aims to accumulate significant holdings in reputable decentralized networks and play an active role in protocol governance. The club will also look to join DAOs and other distributed organizations in an effort to carry out governance in the ecosystem and grow our involvement.

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With over 23,000 existing cryptocurrencies it is important to be able to distinguish innovation and investment from scams and speculation. This can be done through effective evaluation techniques and interactive market experience. Club members will learn how to evaluate and analyze blockchain based assets and open web software. Through investment proposals and fund management hands on experience in evaluating these networks will be developed.

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Safely navigating through blockchain technology can be a complex endeavor to newcomers, through hands-on experience and guidance our members will develop a comprehensive understanding of blockchain networks. This experience will translate to developing investment strategies, evaluating tokens, assessing mechanisms and structure, and most importantly understanding the novel value this technology brings.