Center for Research, Development, and Investment

A student-run organization, affiliated with The McIntire School of Commerce, focusing on cryptocurrency education and investment.



Our mission is to act as the point of introduction for any student interested in developing an understanding of blockchain technology. From general education to investment experience to facilitating industry engagement, we are the perfect club for any crypto-conscious Wahoo.

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Why Blockchain?

Combined with a consensus mechanism and hard coded rules, blockchain can enable autonomous networks that direct behaviors through incentives. These networks prioritize digital sovereignty of the user and allow for new applications not previously possible. New developments created by this technology offer new learning and investment opportunities our club aims to capitalize on.

Digital Assets

The backbone of cryptocurrency and an essential element of this technology, digital assets are critical to blockchain based networks. Blockchains have no authority outside their chain making their native token paramount to security. Tokens are vital for proper incentives, growth, and value accrual of every network. Through research we intend to identify promising networks and gain exposure through the network’s native digital asset (token).

A Boundless Technology

When implemented correctly blockchain can be a transformative technology. This transformative nature has the ability to shift power dynamics to structures that empower the individual. This provides alternatives to many of the inefficient bureaucratic systems we know today. Blockchain has the potential to affect entire economic systems and establish itself as the base of many global industries.

Our Founding

Blockchain @ UVA was founded for students eager to learn about this emerging technology and those who want to understand the ways blockchain will alter many systems we know today.



Working with professionals in the space, UVA Alumni, and faculty members we intend to host speaker events and informational sessions throughout the academic year. These events serve the purpose of allowing club members and UVA students to connect with leaders in the industry as well as develop their understanding of blockchain, digital assets, and the investment landscape. Additionally, we aim to host team bonding events and trips to crypto conferences.



Club members will gain experience in researching, evaluating, and investing in blockchain based assets. Through our digital assets fund members will play a role in active management, hands on interaction, and the evaluation of crypto assets. Our blog, hosted on mirror.xyz, will give members the opportunity to research and publish content on blockchain based topics. Lastly, by hosting career fairs, attending conferences, and interacting with professionals members will be exposed to new facets of the industry.



Blockchain based assets were founded on the values of transparency, verifiability, decentralization, and immutability. These values are foundational to this industry and as a club we aim to align our decision making and activity with them. We intend to respect these values in regards to our investments, research, and operations. Our organization recognizes the importance of understanding the relevance of these values in regards to distributed systems.